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Thank you for this! I bond quickly with cats. Not until I read this entry this morning did I realize I am very much like a cat: playful, observant, and preferring one-on-one relationships; if I don't get the attention I need I often forget about people or move on. My parents have often referred to me as a cat whisperer.

I've also tended to take in strays since undergrad, participating in a trap-a-return program. A year ago, I took in a stray that kept showing up around my house. This year, there has been another in the area that I see roaming the neighborhood, and I weep every time I see it.

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Dogs acting as bridges to the psychoid level of the psyche is such an interesting concept. The amount of research showing a positive correlation in social/emotional development in children raised with dogs in the household further lends evidence to a shift in the psyche that can’t be measured by current understanding. Anecdotally, I’ve had a dog by my side since birth with the exception of 6 unbelievably difficult months in childhood, and 3 months in adulthood. My dog has always been my tether and my last dog that passed I consider my soul dog for the amount of healing and awakening he saw me through.

Receptivity to knowledge is something I’ve grappled with more as of late as I’ve been revisiting my past and discovered more instances than not. Being raised in a Christian faith I was always told the lord was working through me, and treated as if this observation on my part was shameful and selfish. Now I see this as one of the many ways the patriarchy and colonialism operates, shaming those that have this sight because it is unknown and uncomfortable. While this receptivity isn’t specific to any race, gender, or creed it is something I see spoken about much more within feminine circles.

Thank you for a thought provoking article!

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Love love love this! I share this lifelong inexplicably profound connection with canines and I was literally breathless as I read that story about Baci. The theme of dogs as familiars was also a special gift of synchronicity for me today (so big thanks for that) though it’s too long to get into here. Just wanted to say thank you and send love.

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My uncle had a similar experience when my brother was a kid. He decided to ride his bike down to Publix to get a free cookie and my mom was freaking out and called the police, but they never contacted my uncle. He just got up suddenly and felt like he should go out. He ended up finding my brother riding his bike down the same road he went down.

I have had many weird intuitive experiences too. My INTP brother had a bad feeling before my other brother (INTJ) narrowly avoided being killed by a stray tire on the interstate. He was having a panic attack before it happened and he told me how much he was worried about him.

Regarding animals- I'm not sure if birds are just attracted to my vehicle because of the shininess, but this has been the 3rd time a hawk flew right in front of my vehicle. It happened twice on the same 30 minute drive with me and my INFJ cousin. The 3rd time just happened the other day when I was alone.

I watched some weird bird tornado right outside my apartment in Missouri a while back. Apparently it's called a murmuration and they were Starlings. They also flew in front of my vehicle in the same exact spot twice on different days. It weirded me out. Birds just keep flying in front of my vehicle. It's like I'm in the twilight zone. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that they like the wax on my CRV?

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I have 4 everyday interactions with dogs & it came to my awareness as I was navigating your precious offering .

1. Every morning I grab my coffee and journal so first encounter is with a beagle accompanied by a couple they own a store in town called “ athlos “

2. Then during coffee and dream journal I interact with Hera a stray that sleeps at the coffee house and afraid as the thunders , she gets in the coffee house and people treat her very warm and gently

3. Then i meet a newborn puppie with a woman carry it in her back , the woman plays at the local football team named : Asteras

And last but not least Luna a brownish houndog which I meet day , noon & night at my transitions !

So much wealth arrived precisely on time as always .

Yet still cats are very very close to my heart and soul 🪲🤍

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A retriever and a beagle How lovely, and Trapper is a great name. Your post as come at a synchronous moment, weirdly enough, as I’m just writing a chapter of a book that includes Jung’s writing about synchronicity and have been having trouble getting my head around his use of ‘psychoid’. I’d consulted Sharp and Samuels for their dictionary definitions but not come across the Marion Woodman book (now ordered). So thank you for that heads up. Very timely 😊 I think I had an Artemis dream recently. I am outside a caravan where there is a gate and a fence that boundaries a square bit of grass with a tree, but behind that it is a wilder vista and a female neighbour leads alpacas in a line down through the fields. Then, in my gated square of land comes a dog, followed by several others, who seem potentially fierce and I get the impression the dogs belong to the woman with the alpacas. Still wondering what this means. However, thinking about synchronicities, I don’t think it was a coincidence that I dreamt of entering a forested landscape where a lioness, smooth and sleek appeared to my left. I was a bit worried she would eat me, but we ran together through the forest and I came out of it without harm. I was days away from meeting a Jungian therapist for the first time who I now think of as the lioness. Many thanks for your thought provoking blog. I like the images you choose to go with it.

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