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Interesting how different packs interpret the energy of 2 wands. In Wildwood tarot (where wands are bows) there is a far more active, fiery image that gives the impression of full-on confrontation rather than the reverie-like Rider-Waite.

I tried active imagination for the first time this year. I left it until very late at night/early hours and wrote down the conversation between myself and a rat who had appeared in a troubling dream. It was difficult to overcome fear, not that the content could be overwhelming, but that the whole exercise was a 'box of woo'. Nonetheless, the conversation that emerged was surprising, not least for the rat declaring 'Down here I am king. It is my domain. I am a lord of the underworld. A denizen of the depths. I rule down here.' Re: your suggestion of subsequently working with the active imagining by doing something creative - I was once told to paint only with my non-dominant hand. I get that she was thinking this allows creativity to come through, but I find it more engaging if I put my best efforts into the painting/drawing. Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks again for a helpful and thought-provoking post.

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I've always thought about the thresholds of attention and creativity when it comes to the Two of Wands, too (what we know vs what we can imagine, what we can give our energy to vs what has to wait, what we can approach vs what we feel separated from). Bringing Pandora's Box into the conversation adds a whole new layer. I never considered a relationship between this myth and this card, and now I can't unsee it - thank you for this.

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When I began engaging with active imagination practice, I was keeping it up regularly and feeling like progress was being made. But a few months ago something changed - in the visualisations I was doing, multiple times in multiple different scenarios, I was faced with figures I had previously interacted with telling me to leave, and the implication that I felt was that I had work to do in the conscious world, and that I would not be ready to continue my inner journey until that work had been done.

But lately I've been feeling a massive creative block, similar to your paid subscriber. Not only have I been hesitant to pursue active imagination out of the belief that I am not ready to take the next steps, but I've also found myself completely stuck on the novel that I'm writing (I'm currently on the 6th redraft). I know I've reached a point in the novel where some significant re-writing needs to take place, and I feel the need for an entirely new energetic impetus to enter the work and bring it to life again. I can't help thinking the two blocks are interlinked.

I have been trying to integrate the lessons I believe I've learned through my active imagination, but after my last few attempts I seem to have developed a slight fear of progression and a sense of my own unworthiness which is manifesting as a hesitation at the threshold.

Thank you for another great post, and for opening up a space for these kinds of conversations to happen!

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Hey Alyssa , once again I like so much your heart offerings & your gold .

They are inspiring , aspiring & up to date with the Collective on my end .

To be honest I like to read this gem more than once cause I sense it’s kind of a map 🗺️ empowering which takes me instantly to a dream I received a few moons back .

Oh the Threshold , this in between space when fear cripples my knees yet somehow I’m starting to believe in my dreams , intuition & symbolic language !

To me is helpful creating and active dialogue with my inner teenager , ask her how she wants to be received rather than perceived. .

How does she want me to hold her ?

Acceptance & staying with the terror of a new birth is empowering , meditation , journaling , nature & animals are trustful companions .

The wands tarot hold another symbol for me which is the spear , number five & number 22 .

Some authentic & gentle sharing from my world wishing complementary narratives ...

Thank you for your gold 🪲🤍

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